Peach Arugula Salad

This past week was my last week in training, which means that I get to do actual work now! This also means, however, that work no longer pays for my lunches. I will miss the particularly good salads, so I must write a brief ode to the salad that caused four people to ask me if I was vegetarian last week. Apparently I "look" vegetarian. I didn't know it was a look.

The Salad:
Baby Arugula
Crumbled Blue Cheese
Sliced Peaches
White Corn (cut off the cob)
Red Wine Vinaigrette

For the record, I am not vegetarian, but I do not eat meat excessively. I enjoy vegetarian and vegan foods, try to eat contentiously, and like bacon.


JBB said...

My preferred cheese is anything other than blue. Do you think goat cheese would work with this? Or some other?

ajb said...

Crumbled cheeses in salads are pretty exchangeable, as long as they don't clash with any particular flavor. If you don't like blue, or think that it clashes with every flavor, I'd probably go with a goat cheese, but a Feta would work as well. If you wanted to cut the cheese entirely, a high-quality tofu that was finely-chopped would be a good substitute, or just nix it all together.

adventure.N.introspection said...

ajb -

I am a colleague of your mother's who went to graduate school in Berkeley for four years a number of years ago. Since I am a foodie as well, your mother indicated that you had started a blog, so I've enjoying your posts. I have a few recommendations in your area (if these restaurants are still around) north of Berkeley: Fat Apple's (great hamburgers and wonderful pies too), Zachary's Pizza (may have started the craze about stuffed pizzas), and Tsingtao (local Chisese where the food was quite tasty). Since I went to these places on a student budget, they may be just up your alley if you want to try some fairly inexpensive local eats. Let me know about any interesting restaurants that you find as I occasionally make a sojourn up to Berkeley.


Eric said...