Views on Women's History, according to my brother

Conservative: Women were oppressed. Then society changed. Now they're not.

Liberal: Women were oppressed. Now they are less oppressed, but are still discriminated against. They will continue to throw off their oppression as society progresses onwards, upwards and forwards.

Femi-Marxist: History consists in a series of struggles between women and the patriarchal order which will culminate in a revolution of the Womatariet.

Historical: Women were oppressed in some ways and not in others in some societies in different ways than others, and their condition has changed in some ways but not others.

Masculine: First you had to marry them to screw them, then you had to go on a date with them to screw them, now you just have to wait for their BAC to reach a certain level and you can screw them. Onwards, upwards, and foward!

Philosophical: Define women.

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