botanical bonds

My college's campus being an arboretum, I got used to having fairly friendly plants around. I would see a plant I didn't know, and swagger up to it and introduce myself. In response, the plant would generally sway a little or rustle its leaves at me, saying, "Pleasure to meet you. I can't talk, but there's a sign just over there that will tell you my name." And so it was that I became acquainted with most of the plants on campus, and developed a few very close friends.

Graduating threw me into the clutches of the cruel real world. One had to be introduced to plants by someone who already knew them. Luckily, the SF Botanical Garden has been proved to be an amazing support group. Additionally, this week I found the equivalent of a plant networking tool, where I can meet new plants online! At last I can stop suffering and write that symphony.

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