touch wood

Pamela Blotner is the amazing instructor for a figure sculpture class that I'm taking. She works in all sorts of mediums: wood, felt, and clay, to name a few.

Below is a piece called Baba Yaga, and for those that know my penchant for Russian folk tales, this strikes a happy chord. For those who aren't familiar with Baba Yaga, she is a witch figure who sweeps away her tracks with a birch broom. I love the varying complexity and the use of a human-like hand to give the work a little bit of symbolism without hitting the viewer over the head.

In addition to liking her art, I really like Pamela's teaching style. After working for a while, she gives each artist a chance to explain what they do or don't like about their own work, and then she and others can comment. It's a very positive experience and I still learn a lot.

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