Adventures of the Tea Seeker

This week the office has been really cold, at least for me. Thus something hot to drink was a necessity. We had coffee in our kitchen but no tea, so I went off to Full-screenMuisca Cafe, a few blocks away. Pretty tasty. Afterward, I had the brilliant idea of getting looseleaf in bulk and just keeping it around. Bwaha! Looking for local places, I discovered the San Francisco Herb Co., a short stint away, so I decide to take a break and go for a walk.

Pittering around 14th street, unable to find the shop, I stumbled upon an independent tea shop that looked really cute. I was betting they'd know where the shop was. The place was really adorable, but the two people inside were stuffed. "Welcome," the worker said in a voice deeper and different than her own. The were their own puppets, playing pretentious roles that they could not actually fill. The man knelled on his padded stool reading about the tarot. The woman poured tea dramatically, spilling all over the place in her little marble basin. It was designed for her tactics, obviously, but it looked terrible. Who wants to drink tea poured in a marsh? Crazy kids.

They had no idea where the place was, and tried to sell me looseleaf, although the only herbal they sold smelled iffy. She was going to let me try it, but when I said I had very little cash, she let her voice deflate, and it was apparent that it was time for me to go.

I found another tea/coffee shop a ways down, this time they were helpful, although tried to tell me it was closed now and that they had a bag of chamomile to sell. I went back to find the shop almost exactly across the street from the stuffed tea shop. Le sigh.

When I get there, I get a tea ball, a pound each of Honeybush, Rooibos, dried ginger, chamomile, cinnamon sticks, and Herbes de Provence. For $25. Amazing. I'll be going back and if anyone wants stuff, I can get it for you!

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KathE said...

Rad! So much for being out of business.