not all yelows are ugly

I've heard lots of stories about my female friends being haggled in cities or while riding public transit, but I had never really experienced it until today, only the second day of my working at my new job in the city.

While I was walking from bart to my office, an ugly-yellow (because not all yellows are ugly) blinged up SUV pulls up while I'm walking and the man inside starts talking to me. He said, I kid you not, "What's a pretty thing like you doing here?" I tell him I work here and that I need to go. He says, "What, you don't want my number?" "Uhhh....I need go to work. I like your car!" and with a smile, I turn to unlock the door to the office. Mostly harmless--a little flattering and a little scary. Don't worry, Mom, I'll get some mace.

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KathE said...

Eesh. I would consider getting A mace. Or whatever Lorraine Bobbit used.