bike! bike! bike!

I've wanted to get a bike for a while, and my boy (who is really into road biking) encouraging me to get one was enough to push me over the edge.

Craigslist is a beautiful thing: I found a 2008 Schwinn listed at $400, and barely used (He said his wife rode it maybe six times). New, that thing would have cost about 750 plus tax. I get to the seller's friend's home (he's playing poker) and try it out. It's pretty and red. It's in really good condition. I ask him if I can cut him a check. He'll give it to me for 360 if I pay cash. Umb, ATM please? To do the math, that's less than 45% of what I would have payed for a new one. All I can say is I hope he didn't lose it all in the poker game.

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JBB said...

Very red and shiny. Take good care of her. I had a schwinn once but it didn't look anything like that.