speaking of quotes...

I was poking around my sccs account recently and found a old list of Erik Cheever quotes from E12 (Linear Systems).  Brought back memories. Here they are:

"In the real world, where most of us live..."

"I can read it, even if you can't 'cause I have x-ray vision."

"Even though I have x-ray vision, I can't do algebra."

"I brought a spring in, just to show you that they exist."

"We can't deal with the sine, we are powerless against it."

"The only place sinusoids exist in nature is out of a wall socket."

"Five minutes isn't quite enough to do all of E11."

Cheever: That's why e+ = e-!
Julia: Cause there's a heater in there?

"Last time, i was zero."

Julia: The bottom one's faster?
Cheever: The top one's slower.

On Bode Plots: "You gotta embrace these things. The more you fight it, the more you'll suffer."

"Infinity...yeah, well, I can reach that high."

"How is this related to that?...*Loud whisper* They're the same!"

"It's not complicated enough, so I have to make mistakes to make it harder."

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