Balkans Blitz Facts

It's so good to be back home!  I'll do a more detailed update on everything soon, but for now, some numbers.

883 Photos taken.

Sleeping Location Stats:
2 nights at airports
2 nights on a ferry
4 nights on trains
2 nights at hostels
1 night at Nathaniel's parents' home
2 nights at hotels while travelling with N's parents

Traveled in 4 airplanes, 12 trains, 2 buses, 1 ferry, and 1 car (excluding the 2 trains to/from SFO).

Traveled through 9 countries, though only really visited 8 of them.

Entered and exited the EU 3 times.

Used 5 currencies.

Read 794/1069 pages of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

There are probably many more enumerable things from the trip, and even more that are uncountable.

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