two-handed week

I'm always pretty rough to my hands, which is pretty usual for a tactile/kinesthetic learner.  Pair that with being a little klutzy, and we get all sorts of fun.  This week is really racking up the points for my hands, though.

On Saturday I got a good fifteen thorn-splinters from grabbing a blackberry bush while sliding down an exceedingly muddy slope in Tilden.  I was in a pair of well-loved Burks too, so the slipping wasn't my fault.  Except for the whole I decided to try and go down that slope in those shoes thing.  Anyway, I've still got half of them in there.

Next, I got two cuts while doing ceramic work.  The first one came to me as a red blotch on grey muddy hands--I don't remember what caused it.  The second was a papercut-style with a thin metal tool.

Lastly, at least I hope, this morning I tripped on the escalator at the 16th/Mission BART station and caught myself by placing my palm on the corner of the escalator stair, which the observant may note is pointy.  From that, blood blister.  Fun times.

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