strange things

I had a bizarre dream last night: I was a student in an elementary school bungalow.  Into the room (disrupting class, which seemed to be quiet study time) comes a salesman, selling medicine potions a la a mash between Dr. Terminus from Pete's Dragon and Alfredo Aldarisio from Pushing Daisies.  He's friendly in a non-creepy way, but I'm deeply afraid of him.  I am the only one bold enough to call him out as a quack, and I do so repeatedly with the intent to expel him.  I eventually spew language so venomous that he is offended and leaves.  Then, burdened with incredible guilt, I go to the young teacher--who quietly sat down for all of this, ignoring the situation--and apologize, with a mild undertone that I was sorry for interrupting class, not for kicking the salesman out.  She said, "You better be," and rather harshly made me apologize to everyone in the class, but with the emphasis the other way around--that it was wrong to kick out the salesman.  Meanwhile, the salesman lurks sadly off in the distance, outside the classroom.  I sink into my seat, which turns into the front passenger seat of a car.  The salesman returns to the classroom, which becomes the car at the same time, and he sits in the back seat moping.  The teacher gets in the drivers seat, who I think wants me to apologize to the salesman, but then I have a sudden awareness that they are friends, carpool buddies, and possibly romantically involved.  I start to speak and the dream ends.

This was so strange to me because other than watching Pushing Daisies this weekend, I don't think I've had any recent events that correspond to elements of the dream.  I think it's interesting to note that in the dream I'm deeply afraid of even nice non-creepy people who want me to buy stuff from or give money to them, which is fairly true in real life, and even more so when it comes to creepy people.   Frugality gone phobia?

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