dress switchup

Forgive my bride-y-ness, but I'm posting on wedding dresses.  Memorial day weekend, I got a call from the boutique with which I ordered my wedding dress.  Since I got their message after they closed for the day, I returned the call the next day they were open, Tuesday.  I was expecting that they were calling to tell me my dress had arrived--I ordered it three months prior.  Turns out the company was not returning calls and hadn't delivered a dress in the past three months (at least to any other places they called).  They recommended that I come in and pick out a new dress.

I was a touch stressed and time was of the essence, so I took off a day of work and went over to sort everything out.  Since they were having a half-off sale starting in June for dresses that were off-the-shelf, I ended up getting a new dress for significantly less than the first one and no alterations needed.  The new dress is more traditional and I like the neckline less, but so it goes.  I don't really feel the need to have the perfect dress.  Sometimes it all seems so silly anyway.

Old dress (left) and new dress (right).

The only thing store-bought dresses often don't have are mom and I had the adventure of putting it on with a friend of ours!

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