this is not a cooking blog!

I happen to cook a lot, yes, I know.  However, I wanted to provide some evidence that this is not, in fact, a cooking blog.  Behold!  Verily, I say unto you, down yonder are some long-promised images of our new apartment. (Nuffin' artsy)

See?!  Okay, it's only the living/dining room.  But from three angles!!  The other parts of the house aren't as interesting (read: poorly-lit), but we do have a shower designed for handicapped individuals, which is all sorts of fun.

Yes, yes, I know I still haven't posted our wedding pictures, or JMT pictures, or anything about the other nonsense this summer, but I will eventually.  Instead, N and I have been doing fun things like going to Ben and Erica's wedding! (Sorry for the terrible picture, I didn't take many.)

Nothing ever settles down; life is always a whirlwind.  Tomorrow I head up to NYAS's Machine Learning Symposium.  Sometime in the next bit I'll be applying to grad schools.  Wee!


Jeff Kaufman said...

Nice apartment!

JBB said...

Very nice decorating! Any pics of the flat tire?