One season following another

Looking over the wedding photos made me think about a series of things: how much I love and miss the people pictured, how stressful the days leading up to and including the wedding were, and how glad I am that it's over.  If I were to do it again, there would be many-a-thing I would change, mostly having to do with my attitude towards several things.  Gratefully, there will be no again.

I've grown to appreciate the trust required of a traditional marriage.  Aside from sharing credit and household responsibilities, I feel that I am able to let go of insecurities and that I work harder to make our relationship solid.  I am no longer hedging my bets on some things.  I was both-feet-in long before we got engaged, but it took a while to get there, but now I feel an even stronger desire to build a future with reckless abandon.  It's really quite nice.

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