my new sewing machine!

I've been plotting to make this purchase for a while and finally did so.  Having done all my sewing by hand for the past two years or so, it was high time I get a sewing machine.  My pick: the Janome Sewist 500.

While I've mostly done mending and simple garments in the past, I've wanted to try quilting and some larger projects, so I got a machine versatile enough to handle a lot of different things without being too fancy--no need for 200 kinds of stitches or embroidery.  (I will likely always prefer hand-embroidery.  Machine-work looks it.)

In-store, they demoed it plowing through six layers of thin denim, which was rather impressive.  It also has a finishing stitch, which means I wont need a serger.  Another perk is that the place I bought it from has unlimited free one-on-one classes with their in-house teacher.

Having torn my skirt on a walk up to campus this evening, I had a chance to try it out when I got home and it's amazing.  I re-hemmed the entire skirt and it felt like near no work at all.  Maybe this means I'll actually be able to make a dent in my mending, let alone any of my other half-formed projects.

I've been calling it "Mons," which is short for "Monster" since its one-toothed humming drives N absolutely nuts.  Perhaps its full name will be "The One Fanged Monster."

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