lazy weekend

I finished a paper submission late on Thursday, so I was all sorts of lazy this weekend.  To get us out of the house on Saturday, N came up with the wonderful idea of driving down to Island Beach State Park.

Of course what he told me was "we're going to the beach," so that lead to some confusion since I was navigating to the Avon-by-the-Sea area.

Anyway, it was lovely, windy, and on the warm side for April; I had packed a picnic lunch which we ate on the shore before walking up and down the coast.

There were a bunch of foxes wandering about, and they handed us a warning flier about not feeding them upon entering the park.  The waves were mild and the sand very fine and clean.  I poked at the seashells and developed a funny walk for the purpose of making as shallow a footprint as possible (on packed sand).

It was N's first time to an east-coast beach, and my second.  We liked that there were so few people, but that's probably partly because it was April.  Perhaps we'll take another drip when the weather gets warmer.

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