seeds of the apocalypse

 So I have this thing--a nagging fear, a habit, whatever you want to call it--where I can't use up a packet of seeds. I always want to save some for later (which phrase always conjures to mind a quote from the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film: "Augustus, sweetheart, save some room for later.").  Anyway, I have this box dedicated to half-used seed packets, all of which are sealed up in one plastic bag, which really means I have a bag full of mixed-up seeds and then some paper packets thrown in there to tell me what those seeds might be.  Not the best organization.

When my tomato endeavors were failing, I planted some of these seeds immediately to make myself feel better, and then I bought some more seeds and was about to do the same thing as usual with them: use some, squirrel away some.  But then I had an internal dialogue that went something like the following.

Come on, this sad little garden needs all the love it can get.  You don't even know how long these seeds will last if you store them.  Plus, the nursery is like a two minute walk from your apartment, so even if you need more, you can buy them.  There's not going to be some sort of apocalypse in which you need seeds for survival, and even if there was, I'd bet you'd be the first person to think of running over to that particular nursery, mostly because you're having this conversation with yourself right now.  And the rest of those seeds in the plastic bag?  Go plant those.  Morning glories, sweet peas, green onions, lavender, and lettuce aren't going to take you that far in the event of an apocalypse.

So I planted everything and waited, searching the skies for signs....just kidding, I'm no Glenn Beck.  I have been watching the ground religiously, though, and now I'm seeing some sprouts, which are, surprise, surprise, morning glories!  Why do the flowers always sprout first?  I think I've spotted beets, beans, and lettuce too, but I'll have to wait to be sure.  I hate this stage of uncertainly--I'm not sure what's weeds and what's not, but the morning glories are pretty distinctive and I've planted them before.

Also wik: I ended up hardening off a few tomato plants properly, and they're actually doing well.

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