time passes...

Last weekend (Was it really that long ago?  Yup, it was.  I've been so unproductive...) I went home to see my brother, who was coming home from a 2 year religious mission in Sweden.  I've missed him a lot and it was good to see him.  Yay family!

It wasn't as strange as I expected...he wasn't as zealously religious as I braced myself for; I was happily surprised to find that he had matured greatly instead.  The realization that he had changed a good deal hit me when after 20-some hours of being awake he calmly and efficiently dealt with a lost bag instead of letting someone else take care of it for him, which he would have gladly done a few years ago.  He was generally more collected and reserved than I remembered him.  I'm sure he will change more in adapting to post-mission life, and I know that I am not aware of all aspects of these changes, but it will be interesting to get to know Brother 2.0.

Since coming home, I've been wildly scatterbrained, flitting from gardening to learning ggplot2, Russian history reading to plotting the layout of the new apartment we'll move into in July, and unclogging sinks to watching the second season of the TV series Merlin.  I've also been on a wonky sleep schedule; everything feels like the pieces of a puzzle that don't quite fit together--I need to go capture some normalcy.

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