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N and I just finished up the first day of moving to a new apartment in the same complex, over the course of which I developed an intimate relationship with shopping cart that had a funky blue front wheel which spun around spasmodically.  Luckily we're able to move over a 47 hour period, so while today was exhausting, this is one of the least stressful moves I've experienced.  And maybe I'll be able to spend more quality time with Ol' Funky Blue tomorrow.

Since we have so much time, we're doing this move a little differently than I've done in the past.  Previously, I've packed up non-essential things ahead of time; now, we've moved in all the things we need immediately--the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  Craft supplies, some books, backpacking/camping gear,  decor, etc. get left behind for now, and I'm really digging this system.  We're forced to re-assess if we need certain things, especially since we're moving to a smaller space.

Our new place isn't perfect: the kitchen has no pantry (something will need to be done about that) and we didn't escape having a disability-friendly bathroom like our last apartment (It's considerate of the University, but really ugly and impractical for those that don't need it.  At least this time we have a tub.). Two more gripes are the cinder-block walls (can't hang anything, not aesthetically pleasing), and the stove is electric (which is just a matter of preference and my smallest gripe.  At least I have a stove, right?).

The things I like about the apartment far outweigh the disadvantages.  For starters, the kitchen has a better layout on average--it's wider and more open to the living area.  Since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it's nice to be able to talk easily with someone in the living space, especially when there are guests over.  I've already said that it's smaller, but it's definitely more suited to our needs.  There might be some shrinking pains, but it'll be better overall.  There's a bathtub, which theoretically provides an occasional luxury, but is also useful for hand-washing clothes and letting things soak; it's also easier to clean than a straight shower, in my opinion.  Alright, that's enough blather.  Quick list of more pluses of the new place: bigger fridge, AC, views of the woods, and better overall layout.  Also, no bus stop outside the door.  BAM.

Life is breezy.  I'll post photos when things settle down a bit.

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