there are always more firsts to be had

This weekend was the first time my in-laws visited us--as opposed to us visiting them in Denver, which has happened twice.  I like both of them, we interact well, and they aren't particularly judgmental or nagging or any of the old-school negative in-law stereotypes.  Despite this, I still felt the compulsion to have everything perfect and spent the day of their arrival cleaning and prepping; when I get obsessive over guests (or anything) like this N calls me by my maiden name because it's inherited/learned from my father (Love you, Dad!).

Anyway, I cleaned a bunch and made a nice dessert (which unfortunately I didn't photograph, so I'll just have to make something similar but even nicer for a certain wedding dessert-potluck this summer!) and tried out an experiment inspired by the latest Bon Appetit magazine.  [Imagine the structure of cinnamon rolls but with a savory spinach, shallot, and goat cheese filling.  (BA had a cilantro/scallion filling topped with sesame seeds)  I didn't like the dough that much, so I'll try a second round before posting a recipe.]  I even bought a bundle of lavender for use as a bouquet. (I'm drying the flowers now to make sachets).

Double anyway, the visit went well and now I'm exhausted.  Time for a nap.

Also wik: we saw Memphis on Broadway with them on Saturday, which was amazing!

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