speckled peach smoothies

N and I love to have yogurt-based treats for dessert: we'll mix nuts, chocolate, vanilla extract and a stevia-based sweetener in plain yogurt--that's the most common variant.

Recently, I bought a bunch of peaches and they started to go mushy the day after purchase, which was odd as they were relatively firm when I bought them.  So I froze them a la Jeff's peachcicles.

Frozen peaches are yummy all by themselves, but I also tried making them into a smoothie, which was similarly delicious. Simply blend milk, vanilla yogurt (or plain/greek yogurt, vanilla extract, and truvia), and peachcicles together.  Proportion-wise, it's totally subjective.  I did about equal parts peach and yogurt and then added milk to taste to thin it out.  If you leave the skins on when making the peachcicles, you get a lovely speckled smoothie!

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