just you wait

The rabbits have now decimated my swiss chard and my beets; there is no hope of any of it surviving or even sprouting a single new leaf.  I've been patching holes constantly and even did another pass of coating the lower fence with a cayenne pepper/oil mix, but they still get through.  I'm steaming mad.  Therefore:

Just you wait, little rabbits, just you wait!
You'll be sorry, but your tears'll be to late!
You'll be starving outside my fence;
Will I help you? Don't be dense!
Just you wait, little rabbits, just you wait! 

I thought I was being overly prepared by burring my current fence six inches deep all around.  Next year: taller fence and actual chicken-wire instead of this chew-through-able nonsense.  Anybody know a cheaper source than homedepot/lowe's?  I guess I could peruse craigslist for used stuff when the time gets closer.

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