customizing the google nav bar

I was really grumpy when Google updated their nav bar earlier this month.  I wasn't the only one, though it's hard not make a UI change without making at least someone a little grumpy; people don't like to change their workflow.  I complained in the usual ways: feedback forms, a google doc note to a friend that works there, muttering at my husband... I didn't like all the new search-y links (Ctrl+T is faster), I didn't like the new ordering, with my most used apps at the end, and I didn't like that Google reader was still missing.  So I cleared my cache to revert to the old settings and settled in for the siege.  We'll see who cracks first, Google.

Turns out I wasn't that patient, which isn't terribly surprising.  I downloaded a Chrome extension for modifying the toolbar and edited it, which took all of one minute since it's just javascript/HTML.  And voila!  Happy me!




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