I just got back from a trip up to Boston, which was excellent.  N left for Niger last Saturday, and not wanting to be a lone woman in the garden of Eden, I took to the north.  All I can say is that my friends and family are wonderful.

After a long drive home, my todo list for the evening was: 1) unpack 2) go grocery shopping, 3) work out at the gym, and 4) do some work-type stuff (prepping for an HCI event tomorrow).

Number one has resulted in an explosion all over the living room.  Number two involved dropping a 1 gallon glass bottle of apple juice in the apartment parking lot (I sense a pattern...).  Number four I might put off until the morning.

Number three, though.  Man, oh man.  I'm not really a gym person.  I've tried various things, but none of them have stuck thus far.  The machines scare me.  But!  My cousin-in-law Rachael is totally amazing and got me to get over my phobia and try getting serious about working out at the gym.  We're trading personal training for coding lessons, and it's awesome.

Tonight was my first night trying the workout she's given me, and whooaoao. I have a long way to go.  My legs seem strong enough, what with all the walking and hiking I do, but everything else?  I feel like a total noodle.  For some of the machines I was like, "What do you mean you don't go any lighter than that?"  And the machine responded, "Suck it up."  Noodle.  I haven't felt this kind of adrenaline for a long time, and I'm stoked.  And laughing at myself, but still stoked.

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