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I've been drooling over Tumbleweed tiny houses for a few years now, and this firetruck guest house reminded me of them--tiny and portable.  I don't think I'd actually want a house on wheels, but I like small spaces and the minimalism they require.

I've also been playing with floor-plans for kids' rooms, just for kicks.  I think this double bunk setup is awesome.

All Women are Real Women.  This struck a cord with me, since I've been bulking up a tiny bit from going to the gym pretty regularly since February.  This is the first time my body has changed in a noticeable way since puberty, and it's made me a little self-conscious.  Plus, I've been getting sugar cravings which probably just means I need to eat more real food to make up for the gym, but still, it makes me think of my body in ways that come with a lot of unwanted societal baggage (I should be this way or that way).  But no matter what, I'm a real woman and I'm happy with myself.

Speaking of sweets, I made a lemon curd this weekend to go with a white cake.  The cake was okay, but the curd was (and is) excellent.  (Half a spoon curd + half a spoon mascarpone = a sliver of heaven.)  And then speaking of mascarpone, I want to try making these poached pears.

Vertical gardening: ikea solutions (I have three askers in my kitchen with plants in them), Patrick Blanc (who seems like a marvelously silly man), air plantshanging terrariums, and many things on this site.

Lastly, a pretty wind map.

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