no more clover

As of yesterday, there were easily a million clover blossoms dotting the lawns around our apartment complex.  Most people don't pay much attention to clover, but I've spent hours just looking at it, either while searching for four-leaf clovers (of which I have found more than my fair share), in harvesting some for salads, or in picking the blossoms.  Because of their sturdy stems, they braid really well, and I think they smells really nice too.

They are in full bloom right now, and they kept prompting me to sing I often go walking.  Yesterday, while procrastinating, I picked a bouquet of them and while I couldn't give them to my mother, I could send her a picture, which is what I did.  (Love you, mom!)

Then today, they mowed the lawns, leaving on the order of thousands of blossoms, but no where near the magnificent abundance that there was before.  And it led me to think: what has happened to all the meadows?  With our manicured lawns in the suburbs, we don't really see meadows unless we go out to the more rural areas.  And even then, with factory farming we concentrate our animals and plant crops on the remaining land, which takes away much of the grazing land.

The point is: I can think of lawns, parks, and farms, but I'd have to think hard to tell you where the closest un-mowed meadow is, and we live in a relatively rural area.  I don't know why, but I find this sad.

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juneb said...

gift received. Very nice. What a great daughter. Makes my heart sing for joy. By the way, the clovers look suspiciously like my chive blooms (purple and different fragrance)....