bigger than our apartment

This summer, I've been playing a game called "find things that are bigger than our apartment."  Our apartment is about 530 square feet, so the rules are to find things with equal or bigger square footage than that.  Maybe one day I'll upgrade the three dimensions, but I like working in two for now.  These are my three personal favorites thus far:

  • Train cars: about 800 sq ft
  • Any given intersection in NYC (or at least most of them), excluding crosswalks: (4 lanes w/ room for parking on both sides = 50 ft) x (two lanes w/ one lane of parking = 25) = 1250 sq ft
  • Those HUGE American flags you see occasionally: 30 ft x 50 ft = 1500 sq ft (which incidentally cost more than our monthly rent)


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ajbc said...

I suppose that I implicitly included the rule that the thing must be somewhat close to the size of our apartment--there need to be an element of surprise.