some more daydreams

Growing up, dad was always drawing floor-plans--It's possible he still does that, but I'm just not at home to witness it.  Anyway, he taught me to dream about interior spaces, and I'd thought I'd highlight some architecture and interior design-type stuff that's inspiring to me. First, I really like this porch:

And then here are some clever staircase ideas:

A space for four, providing each with a bit of privacy and ownership.

Can you tell I like maximizing the use of a given space?  Everything should have a place.  But then, there shouldn't be too many things in the first place.  Part of the architectural design game for me is balancing luxury and minimalism: you want to get exactly what you need to be comfortable, but no more, and certainly not enough to make upkeep a chore.


mom said...

Could Harry Potter be living in the staircase cupboard?

Anonymous said...

That staircase-cum-chest of drawers would be an excellent space-saver if it was not for the potentially lethal consequences of inadvertently leaving open a drawer and someone stepping into it, especially coming down the stairs at night.

To be acceptably safe, it needs some kind of interlock involving a navel-high gate or barrier immediately above the step, and perhaps some kind of illuminated warning.

ajbc said...

Anon--that sounds like overkill. I don't think anyone would use them if those were required. How about drawers that just have a spring to close automatically? (You'd have to hold them open.)