Hello, September

And goodbye, September!  The semester has been starting out pretty well, but I'm up to my ears in busy.  We've have something biggish basically every weekend since mid-August, and a few more to go before the month's out.  Plus, you know, school's started.

But I don't need to itemize my obligations, since I'm sure you could trump them.  I'm really just made to sit in a hammock, make lists and come up with ideas.  Anyone hiring for that? I'd be awesome at it.

Until that position opens up, I guess I'll keep at this school thing.  If I ever get tenure anywhere, I swear I'm going to ask if I can hang up a hammock in my office.  Or maybe I'll sign up with those hedge fund recruiters; condition: hammock.  Buying my as of yet nonexistent startup?  Hammock.  It's a symbol of grace and power.

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