remnants of Sandy

The crazy storm that hit our area this weekend is almost past.  We don't have power at home and haven't since we sat down to dinner last night--the timing was spectacular.  But, the university is magical and never seems to lose power, so we're on campus today. (In reality, they just have generators.)

Lots of trees are down, leaves and branches are everywhere, and lots of people are cleaning things up surprisingly quickly.  If this is what the worst storm in the recorded history of this area looks like, then life is pretty darn awesome.  I mean, all we have to worry about is not having electricity for maybe 24 hours.  Talk about cushy.


Rachael said...

good to hear you guys are ok! glad it seems to not be so bad in your area.

ajbc said...

Thanks! Some of the pictures from NYC, Philly, and the costal areas are pretty spectacular, and there was some real devastation. We're far enough inland to have it easy, but so many others weren't that lucky.