the things I didn't write about

It's been a while since I posed anything.  I got stuck on my diatribe about digital barbarism, and then a bunch of stuff happened, personal and otherwise.

In the personal arena, I attended NIPS, drowned in coursework, and was elected garden coordinator for our apartment community.

Then there was the hullabaloo about Mormon women wearing pants.  I participated in a cowardly manner by wearing my baggy skirt-like harem/jeanie/Aladdin pants.

Locally, Sandy has still displaced way too many people, and we're still working on gutting homes so mold can be prevented before they start to rebuild.

And then Newton.  I cried several days in a row.  I know that there are worse things abroad and to some degree it's selfish to focus on how terrible it was when other equally bad things get very little attention.  But it felt more personal; it's a two-and-a-half hour drive from where I live and the states are all so close culturally, it felt like it could have been my own town.  An emotional reaction, rather than a logical one, I know, but I'm not a robot.  A lot of people are suffering, in Newtown and elsewhere, and they have my prayers.


Rachael said...

i was really excited to wear pants to church, but then i had to go out of town for work and didn't go to church that sunday. i figure being the breadwinner is just as feminist-y as wearing pants to church, though. kudos to you for doing it!

Susan said...

Oh, I missed your pants. I actually forgot to notice on Sunday: did you see anyone else in pants or wearing purple? Just curious.

Congrats on the gardening thing, I have 2 very black thumbs. But I love my philodendron, long may it live.

Your Christmas card is my favorite one so far this year, and the only digital one I've liked (I still way prefer to have a hard copy since I put them all on one wall and leave them up all through January. Maybe that's just me not having enough wall art and decor, or me being overly sentimental about it.) But Tom still printed out for me, so you guys will still go on the wall.

ajbc said...

I didn't see anyone else in pants/purple, but I wasn't bring particularly observant.

I really need to emphasize how non-pant-like my pants were. I wanted those who cared to be able to notice, but those that might be offended to be able to ignore it. I also just really don't like trousers.

Susan--I'm glad you liked the card!