new haircut!

Chopped off a good six inches of my hair today.  Or rather, Delia of La Jolie Salon & Spa chopped it off.  I think I'm done with my binge-and-purge approach to hair--it'll stay at about this length for a little while.

Nathaniel graciously indulged me when I asked him to take pictures.  Since I'm quite particular, I was still using photos from over three years ago for all my online profiles; one was from back in college, at least five years ago.  It was definitely time for a change.

Also: five years ago?!


Laura said...

You look lovely; I think the new haircut looks great!

Rachael said...

that's a very flattering cut! nice. and just the other day i was freaking out that i had graduated college over 4 years ago. WHAT?!?!?!

ajbc said...

Thanks, guys!