Matilda the musical

NWC and I went to see Matilda the musical this week, and it was the best musical we've seen in a while.  We've been singing When I Grow Up and some of the others ever since. The acting, singing, and dancing were all excellent, especially considering that such a high portion of the actors were under ten years old.  (They were all pretty adorable.)  The stage magic was very clever and the tunes were catchy.  And, of course, the story is a classic.

The Smell of Rebellion sung by Miss Trunchbull was also a treat.  At one point, she gets on a desk, and is surrounded by a slow, sparkly spotlight, and sings a curious mononlogue involving a dwarf called Zeke living in a cottage telling you not to let them steal your horses.  It was totally off the wall in a way that could only be pulled off by a man in drag.  Revolting Children (about 4:30) was a fun play on words with lots of energy. The video clip on this page is also pretty good at giving an overview of the production.

All in all, Matilda is one of the few musicals I wouldn't mind seeing again!

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