Disney cartoons

It feels like I've always doodled and drawn cartoons.  I have a vague memory of a cartooning class or section in art class or something, and then of course I worked for Pixar.  For me, it comes down to familiarity and practice.  For that reason, I can do a half decent sketch of most Pixar characters.

A long while ago, I obsessed over getting the Sword-in-stone squirrels right, and now recently I've decided to start working on Disney characters again.  Why?  I think drawing is an important skill for communication, and like with writing and speaking, you have to practice it; cartoons are a facet of that.  Why Disney?  Disney is well-known and easily recognized.  The characters are simple and well-crafted, and so it's a good learning tool. Plus, I've fantasized about doing a webcomic.

My first attempts were heinous, but tonight I did a somewhat passable Belle.  With time...*sigh*... I feel like I'm a teenager again.

My old Disney squirrel studies:

Doodles from that same notebook:

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