March and April Books

In March, I read one YA book on the way to Australia, and one on the way home, and then have been slowing going through a biography, which I'm about to finish.  Sad progress for two months, but I've been busy with lots of work, and then gardening in the spare snippets of day.

Newt's Emerald ★★
Garth Nix's Abhorsen trilogy is some of my favorite YA reading, and so when I discovered that this story was part of the Kindle lending library, I downloaded it for my Australia trip.  (I found this fitting because Nix is Australian.)  It was a light, enjoyable read with lots of adventure, subtle magic, and romance with a feisty female main character.  Perfect for a vacation.

Graceling ★★
Another YA novel for airplane reading.  Features a literally strong female lead character and an interesting magic paradigm, much like a fantastic X-Men.

Dearest Friend ★★
I'm still finishing this one up, but I'm close enough to be able to return and report.  Abigail Adams was an amazing woman, and this book does an equally amazing job of showing her true character, for better or worse.  I feel like I understand her faults and strengths, and am certainly more well-versed in American revolutionary history and early politics. I've never been particular towards history, but Withey weaves a wonderful narrative that relies heavily on direct quotations from Abigail's abundance of letters.

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