baked rosemary chicken

This week I was able to use some of the rosemary from my garden in baking some chicken.  I've been slowly expanding my meat repertoire, and was delighted to discover bone-in chicken breasts recently.  I'd imagine most grocery stores don't have them, but we've been buying meat from local Cartilage's recently, thanks to a friend.  Anyway, they cook up with the feel of whole baked chicken, but they're much faster and serve two better—a whole chicken would be a little much for us.

Baked Rosemary Chicken
Serves 2

1 bone-in chicken breast
2 large carrots
1 large onion
4 medium potatoes
fresh rosemary
olive oil

Set oven to 425F.  Drizzle olive oil generously in a 9 inch square baking pan (I love my Le Creuset). Place chicken breast in pan and turn to coat.  Chop onions, carrots, and potatoes into bite-size pieces and throw them in the pan.  Dice rosemary and add, with salt to taste.  Mix everything with your hands, making sure vegetables, salt, oil, and rosemary are evenly distributed.  The pan should be fairly full, so nestle the chicken into the vegetables, skin-side up.  Bake until golden and temperature registers 170F and potatoes are cooked through.

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