We were excited when Shotwell became default on Fedora 13.  And now it looks like we might be default on Ubuntu Maverick.  That would make us default on over 10 million machines.  It's shaping up to be a good year.

5/14: notes from the recent Ubuntu meeting where they discussed Shotwell versus other photo managers


good weekend.

This past weekend was a simple, solid, productive weekend.  I did some cleaning, went for a hike, and edited the bajeezes out of N's thesis, which is now done, thankfully.

I also got a call from my brother!  He's on a mission in Sweden, so he can only call home a few times a year and Mother's Day is one of the days he can call.  He's got about year left, and I look forward to having him home.  One of the things we talked about was the importance of love and reaching out to people.

Being productive and active, spending time outdoors, having a clean space, eating good food, and spending quality time with people is pretty much my recipe for happiness.


summer plans (happened so fast)

I love planning, but I feel like I've been doing too much of it lately.  Not very much is definite, which is frustrating, and that parts that are don't need much planning.

The biggest chunk of things-to-decide is what to after the wedding, and one choice has been made that makes a lot of other decisions unnecessary: we are planning to backpack the John Muir Trail.  That, of course, means we have to prep for a three-week hike, but the planning involved is fairly prescribed.  I no longer have to figure out my end date at work or where to live for that period of time, etc..

I've always wanted to do this trip, so I'm quite excited.