a hoot!

There's been an owl hooting outside our window for the past fifteen minutes or so.  I took a quick look at the list of owls in New Jersey.  Of these, only a few hoot.  Listening to the typical calls of these, we identified our friend as a Great Horned Owl.

This is what I have to blog about when all I do is work all day.  At least I have a friendly neighborhood owl.


bits and pieces

Just taking joy in the small things...

I learned that the flowers I always call "cockscomb" are also called "celosia."

I saw two groundhogs today on the walk to school.  One was albino, with perfectly white fur and red eyes.  They looked so cute together that I wish I had had my camera on me.  I might carry it around the next week or so to see if they make another appearance.

I also saw my first 2012 penny--pretty late in the year, too!


roll away your stone

N and I almost always listen to the radio in the car.  Occasionally I listen to CDs, and even more rarely my iPod via a local radio transmitter--I know, I know, don't make fun.  I've noticed I'm much more in tune with pop music now, especially as compared to my now-long-ago pre-driving days.

I like that I can find music and artists that I would not otherwise.  Today, for instance, I heard Roll Away Your Stone by Mumford and Sons for the first time.  I'm glad I chose to go to the grocery store when I did.


today's xkcd: click and drag

Today's xkcd is awesome, but this variant is even better.  That's all--carry on with your day.


Hello, September

And goodbye, September!  The semester has been starting out pretty well, but I'm up to my ears in busy.  We've have something biggish basically every weekend since mid-August, and a few more to go before the month's out.  Plus, you know, school's started.

But I don't need to itemize my obligations, since I'm sure you could trump them.  I'm really just made to sit in a hammock, make lists and come up with ideas.  Anyone hiring for that? I'd be awesome at it.

Until that position opens up, I guess I'll keep at this school thing.  If I ever get tenure anywhere, I swear I'm going to ask if I can hang up a hammock in my office.  Or maybe I'll sign up with those hedge fund recruiters; condition: hammock.  Buying my as of yet nonexistent startup?  Hammock.  It's a symbol of grace and power.