Time for an internet vacation.  Doing the JMT then driving cross country.  I'll be back in September!


adventures in dyhrdating food

As N and I prepare to do the JMT, we've been dehydrating our own fruits, veggies, and meats to make our loads as light as possible for as cheaply as possible.  It takes forever, but it's much more fun (at least for me) and healthy to pack one's own meals rather than use store-bought packs.  Almost everything I'm packing just needs to be boiled or soaked in water and it's good to go.

We're planning on mailing half of our food to a midway point along the trail; they'll hold it for a small fee.  On average, these meals still cost more than our usual meals as they contain much more meat and have bigger portions, but I think we've kept costs down pretty well.


dress switchup

Forgive my bride-y-ness, but I'm posting on wedding dresses.  Memorial day weekend, I got a call from the boutique with which I ordered my wedding dress.  Since I got their message after they closed for the day, I returned the call the next day they were open, Tuesday.  I was expecting that they were calling to tell me my dress had arrived--I ordered it three months prior.  Turns out the company was not returning calls and hadn't delivered a dress in the past three months (at least to any other places they called).  They recommended that I come in and pick out a new dress.

I was a touch stressed and time was of the essence, so I took off a day of work and went over to sort everything out.  Since they were having a half-off sale starting in June for dresses that were off-the-shelf, I ended up getting a new dress for significantly less than the first one and no alterations needed.  The new dress is more traditional and I like the neckline less, but so it goes.  I don't really feel the need to have the perfect dress.  Sometimes it all seems so silly anyway.

Old dress (left) and new dress (right).

The only thing store-bought dresses often don't have are mom and I had the adventure of putting it on with a friend of ours!


Shotwell 0.6.1 released!

Yay Shotwell!  I had the chance to be the "release engineer" for the Shotwell 0.6.0 and 0.6.1 releases.  It consisted mostly of packaging and uploading to our PPA, but I also got to write the Yorba blog entry for the release(s).  Good times.