alternative housing

Rent is crazy expensive. Remind me why I pay a third of my income for a place I spend most of my time sleeping? What happened to the days where you could just live on the land? What if I wanted to pull a modern day Walden, would I have to get my structure approved by the appropriate authorities? Bah.

Seeing as my lease is up in a little bit, I decided to look into alternative housing options. A lot of them aren't practical for permanent living, but they were fun to consider.

cobhouses, yurts, tipis, earthships, tiny homes (some on trailers), schoolbuses, treehouses, steel houses, hobbit holes, more underground, houseboats, professional housesitting, couchsurfing

Another cool thing I found was the Findhorn Ecovillage, which is more of a place to implement these ideas than anything else.

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