slashed tires

Two tires were slashed on my car Saturday evening--both on the passenger side. This was a pain because I couldn't simply put on the spare and continue on my merry way until I had time to get it fixed. All that aside, it wasn't so bad.

It did leave me frustrated with random and not-so-random acts of violence. The only justification I can conjure up is that my car is fairly nice and I live (and park) in a lower-middle class neighborhood. It was probably some punk teenagers getting their thrills, and picking on the person that they thought could afford it. There are other less generous, class-warfare interpretations, but I'll stick with the punk teenagers.

Violence frustrates me. What do people think it will accomplish? Certainly not a change in their situation, nor much of a change in mine. At most, it makes me mad for a matter of minutes and sad for a considerable amount of time--not much of that being fiscal sadness. So perhaps they were correct in picking their victim, but not for the reasons they had supposed.

I suppose what saddens me the most is that there is nothing I can do. I can't prevent this from happening to others and I can't help those who did the act. The situation is stagnant. All I can do is protect my own, which breeds nothing other than paranoia.

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