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Schrödinger’s Rapist


    Jeff Kaufman said...

    You have one hundred 100ft^2 hong kong apartments and one 175ft^2 apartment in new york. It helps that the chinese are on average smaller, but it's funny how differently we think about americans living in small spaces and others doing the same.

    Also, the schrodinger's rapist probability estimates seem to ignore acquaintance rape. As stranger rape is a lot less prevalent, a person's estimate of the probability that an approaching stranger intends to rape them shouldn't be skewed upward on account of the number of people raped by non-strangers. This is just a thought on the probability estimates, though, not a rejection of the article's thesis.

    ajb said...

    I think the premise of the schrodinger's rapist article is partially about acquaintance rape.

    Think about a situation in which two people meet on a train, have two dinner dates together, and then one is assaulted by the other. I'd consider them to be acquaintances by that point.

    My take on the article was how women gauge whether or not strangers should become acquaintances, but it also protects against stranger assault as well.

    ajb said...

    In thinking about the small apartments, the NY apartment housed two adults plus animals, where the Hong Kong apartments usually only housed one adult. Additionally, the NY apartment was arguably more self-contained, having a bathroom (but still not a proper kitchen). It looked like all of the Hong Kong apartments were more dorm-style in that they shared bathrooms.

    But I do agree with your point that it's funny that we view the two so differently.

    I think it's interesting that we don't have more small spaces in the states. I really like efficiency, but I also really like cooking. If only there were tiny apartments with a decent stovetops and ovens...
    (I really want to make one of these:

    Jeff Kaufman said...

    With the apartments, a quick look gives me 9 that have two people. And many more have bunk beds, though that might well be storage. But yes, most look to be single occupancy. And I don't see cats.