Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Berkeley any more.

There are many things that make our new town different from Berkeley--the super high-end shops, the lack of homeless on the streets, and (what I miss the most already) our church community.  In our old Berkeley Ward, you could never get away with saying things like "In Russia, they get up in the morning and start drinking."  Somebody would ask you to dampen the extremeness of that statement.  And if you said that you were standing in holy places by refusing to "sit at the same table with" someone who was committing adultery, somebody would remind you that Christ sought out sinners in love.  I don't mind the opportunity to ruffle feathers, but I do miss rubbing shoulders with the excellent people in the Oakland Stake--people who are open, honest, thoughtful, and brave enough to do things like tell a General Authority of the LDS Church how much pain was caused by Prop 8.  I'm proud of them and of Elder Jensen and I hope the Church will listen carefully to his report of the experience.

Here are two links on the topic, following them will lead you to many more:
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