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A few random things...

N and I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway last week!  I've always loved Mary Poppins--she was dignified and silly all at once.  I dressed up as her for a costume ball in high school, photo to the right.  Mary Poppins on Broadway was more silly, too spoonful-of-sugar-y, and too conceited (the "Practically Perfect" song didn't do it for me).  There were also some pretty psychedelically colored scenes, but I think that was mostly to distinguish Mary Poppins magic-land from reality, but it was still too much.  I might have been to merely keep the attention of kids in the audience.  Oh, and why the need for a giant umbrella in the set?  I didn't get it, but maybe it was a souvenir plug, since the umbrella was made into a bit of an icon among the souvenirs.  Still, it was worth going...the set was astounding and the chimney sweep song/scene was spectacular and by far my favorite part.  Bert was quite excellent, and the children blew me away.  Good times.

The sprouts are up.  Here's a timeline--I was taking notes, so I might as well share.

March 1: sowing
March 3: marigolds by a long shot
March 4: yellow pear followed by gardener's delight, really tiny guys by the marigolds (weeds?)
March 5: most tomatoes appear, and eggplant and tomatillos
March 6: black krim (last remaining tomato), tomatillos get crazy tall
March 7: peppers start to emerge (bell and anahiem)
March 8: yellow pear and other tomatoes start getting new leaves, 3 leafed sprout found among the black krim, must be mutation.
March 9: poblanos are spotted
March 12 to ?: Thinning out the sprouts into odd containers.  Tomatillos have really shallow roots and are really tall, so I replanted them and buried them pretty deep.  Replanted some tomatoes as well.  I trashed the weakest ones of several varieties during thinning and replanting, but I can't bear to kill the healthy looking ones, of which I have too many, so the windowsill is overflowing with pots and cardboard boxes full of seedlings.  I'll do the peppers once they get bigger.

Some things I've learned about my middle school self... (in looking over old backups)
I had a penchant for creating bizarre names: Ometica (the word in some story I wrote), Pertian Forests, Swizzle-Jab Olympics, Jimmy Kerfeshel (my guardian angel, complete with stick figure drawing).
I had mad art skills (see right).  Based on the plethora of random .bmp files, Windows Paint was my favorite medium.
I was truly obsessed with Sailor Moon and downloaded hundreds of images of her entourage.
I pretended that I had a radio show and recorded myself talking to my computer for hours. 

That's all, folks.

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