work, work, work

This semester is wickedly busy for me, and I feel like that's all I talk about with anyone, mostly because things never get past the hi-how's-it-going phase of the conversation.  I hate it, especially because it's so me-me-me to moan about how crazy things are.  I already know that I'm busy and most of my friends do too.  They're busy too.  Everyone's busy.  But since I haven't adjusted to this level of busy yet, I don't have much time to think about anything else, and thus I don't have much stored up in my conversation-worthy-topics well.  So, sorry friends.  I suck this semester.

I was feeling like I hit my stride and things were going smoothly, but then I got sick this week.  Everything is still fairly in control, and hopefully I can still do some fun stuff this weekend, but I may have set a personal record for sleeping on Thursday.  And I'm a freaking talented sleeper.

Now that I'm able to eat more than applesauce and broth again, I finally have enough energy to get back to work.  And given that what I do (at least part of it) is called data mining, sometimes I find myself humming...

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