conversation with a mother sparrow

I caught a glimpse of a Chipping Sparrow's nest today—even the mother was so tiny!  Not wanting to disturb it, I kept my distance while taking a photo, and then thought of a silly little poem, as I am apt to do.  I hope they stay safe, as they're in a high foot traffic area.

Baby sparrow, at my elbow,
cried: my mother you made fly!
I said to Mom, in bushes yon,
"I am just passing by.
But dearie, I am fearing
that you made your nest too low.
A cat could reach up with its teeth
and feast without a show."
Yet mother, as she hovered,
told she worried 'bout the hawks,
As cottontails are masters
of the grass on which I walk.
So I replied with heavy sigh,
"Thus I fear more than you,
The rabbits love my garden,
and will eat all they can chew!"

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