the first of the season

Today I harvested the first greens of the season—baby spinach and pea shoots.  The garden has started off lovely.

There are days when I can't believe it's not June yet, and then there are days I feel stuck in March.  But mostly, I just feel tired, and the date doesn't mean anything.

I started teaching seminary in January.  For those unfamiliar, it's a 6am religion class for high school students.  At first, it was very fun, but as time drew on, my excitement turned to exhaustion.  I love deep study of religious texts, but getting up early is not my strong suit.

Combine that with working in the youth program (a second church job), along with something about finishing my PhD in 2016, and you get a stressed, sleep-deprived woman. When I'm not worrying about implementation bugs in my statistical inference algorithm, I'm worried about teens cutting themselves.  It's fun.

I'm trying to find some balance now.  N is helping me so much; one thing he's doing is teaching seminary two days a week.  I need to start doing more things that aren't work and church. Gardening qualifies.

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