I have a place to live!

I woke up at 2:50am and stumbled out the door of my parent's home by 3 in SoCal. I drove. A bit later, I arrived at a hotel in the bay area. Work is putting me up there for two weeks, and I intended to spend this week apartment hunting and reporting back to my roommate. Those plans changed, however, when we found something today.

We looked at a lot of really trendy places...some brand new, some only a couple of years old. The cabinets looked like the would match furniture from Ikea perfectly. Slick. Everything was simple and linear. And then we saw the garden house.

It was old, yellow-y, and had a beautiful garden with morning glories, an angel's trumpet tree, and who knows what else. And it cost just as much to rent as all the shnazzy apartments, and it included furniture. So now I have a place to live. The downside: the kitchen has really old appliances, but I'll just have to be creative!

Another up-side: I now have to week to play around in the bay area with my friends!

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