Again with the house!

I thought I'd show the craigslist picture of the house I'll be living in for the next year! It's so adorable! It's about a 20 minute drive from my work!
In other news, I saw my friend Cole today, met his cousin-ish relative from France, and his friends. Two of the friends were "kiwis," or New Zealand dudes. The Americans had a hard enough time comprehending their crazy speak, let alone the French girl. We went to the Amoeba music store in SF, which was way fun. I bought three CDs, which was too many, but it was hard to resist. The CDs: My Brightest Diamond's A Thousand Shark's Teeth, The Polyphonic Spree's The Fragile Army, and Coldplay's newest album, Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends. But honestly, with a house as gorgeous as the one I'll be living in, I need wonderful, new music to listen to, right? ...Right?


Nathaniel said...


Beautiful house, by the way.

Jen said...

The house looks lovely! And it is totally deserving of awesome music. Let me know how the My Brightest Diamond CD is, btw. I, too, have been acquiring lots of new music lately.