a tribute to summer

Harken back to the days of summer yore! I spent a lot of time out of doors then, which was wonderful. Here are some pictures from Big Basin and Redwood Regional, respectively. There should be a law requiring all parks to be named as alliterations.

Also, can you name this species?

Update: Tara's blog entry on the redwood adventure.


Nathaniel said...

It looks sort of red-eftish to me, but since the more formal name of that is the "eastern salamander", then I am probably wrong...what is it?

ajb said...

Alas, the picture was taken in Redwood Regional, far out of the habitat range of the Eastern Newt.

I would say it's a California Newt, but It's eyes have the wrong coloring and it's skin the wrong texture. None of the other Western Newts seems to match it, either, so I'm still stumped.